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Give MN

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”
Margaret Fuller, American journalist and rights advocate

We believe the students at Aurora Charter School in Minneapolis, like all students, deserve the best education to lead them on a path toward the most productive, successful lives possible. A critical foundation to that success is having the ability to read—and having access to excellent books and reading material.
With that in mind, we are gathering donations to build a library for Aurora Charter School. We invite you to be a part of this life-changing project.

Environmental Education

Dear families,

Last week our Kindergarteners had the opportunity to go to the Maplewood Nature Center where they took an outdoor walk and learned a lot about the environment, nature and the species that live in our state.
We are committed to the environmental education and ecological awareness of our students.

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Leaders of The Pack


During the week, our students receive "gold tickets" which are a recognition of their good behavior, based on the values of our school.
Every Friday we announce to the entire school the winners who received the most gold grades during the week.
Congratulations to our leaders of the pack! 🐺✨


Durante la semana, nuestros estudiantes reciben “notas de oro” que son un reconocimiento a su buen comportamiento, basado en los valores de nuestra escuela.

Cada Viernes anunciamos a toda la escuela los ganadores que recibieron más notas de oro durante la semana.
¡Felicidades a nuestros líderes de la manada ! 🐺

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Emiliano Zapata's grandson

Hello families,

Yesterday our students had the opportunity to have a conversation with Emiliano Zapata's grandson. Mr. Manuel Manrique Zapata was telling us a bit of his grandfather's story and the students had time to ask questions.
Without a doubt it is a great pride to be able to offer this opportunity to our community of Aurora.


El dia de ayer nuestros estudiantes tuvieron la oportunidad de tener una conversación con el nieto de Emiliano Zapata. El Señor Manuel Manrique Zapata estuvo contándonos un poco de la historia de sus abuelo y los estudiantes tuvieron tiempo de hacer preguntas.
Sin duda un gran orgullo poder brindar esta oportunidad a nuestra comunidad de Aurora.

#AuroraEsfamilia #AuroraIsFamily #WeAreAurora #SomosAurora

World Café and Movie Night


Thank you for making our World Café and Movie Night a success.
Your attendance exceeded our expectations and that excites us because it shows us once again how strong your commitment to your children's education is.
It is very important to know that we count on you as allies in this process of integral education. Academic excellence is one of our goals and together we are achieving it.
Together we are Aurora.

#AuroraEsfamilia #AuroraIsFamily #WeAreAurora #SomosAurora

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