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Aurora Charter School strives to provide its staff and families with an earlier start to the school year, several breaks throughout the year,  and lots of opportunities for professional development. Find our calendars, in English and Spanish, below.
2023-2024 School Year Calendar
2024-2025 School Year Calendar
Middle School Rotation Schedule
ABC Rotation Schedule
Assessment Calendars
Aurora Charter School Assessment Calendar 
Overview of Assessments Throughout the School Year
State English Language Proficiency Assessment for All K-8 English Learners
Administered in February and March
MCA (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment)
State Proficiency Assessments in Math, Reading and Science for Students in Grades 3-8
Administered in April and May
STAR Assessments
Local (School Selected) Assessments in Early Literacy, Reading, and Math 
Administered in September/October (Fall), January (Winter), and May/June (Spring)