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Digital Citizenship Resources

Digital Citizenship for Families
We encourage kids and their families to reflect on their media habits and build digital citizenship skills. Online safety is taught at school, but it is also very important to have discussions at home about using devices and the internet. We must work as a community to ensure that students are becoming safe, responsible, and effective users of the digital world inside and outside of the classroom.
Conversation Starters
If you're not sure where to start when discussing digital citizenship with your child, these resources from Common Sense Media can be used to tailor conversations at your student's level. Talking meaningfully about digital life and how it can affect a student's social and emotional life is very important at school and at home.  
K, 1, 2
3, 4, 5
6, 7, 8
Safety, Privacy, and Security
When kids start to go online, whether they're playing multiplayer games, using educational apps, or just following their curiosity on Google, it's important that they understand the basics of online privacy and safety. These resources will help with creating strong, unique, memorable passwords.
Family Media Agreement
Creating a Family Media Agreement can help guardians and their children understand what is appropriate digital usage at home. These example from Common Sense Media can provide good building blocks for your device use parameters at home.
Securly Home
Aurora Charter School uses Securly to manage school Chromebooks and iPads. Our hope is to shield students from harmful content online and support the well-being of every student. With Securly Home, guardians can get the same peace of mind when school devices come home. See your child’s online activity in real-time and catch up with weekly email snapshots. Features of the product are:
  • View online activity -- Viewing recent searches, sites visited, and videos watched on school-owned devices
  • Balance time online -- Help your child stay focused, turn their internet access on or off with a single tap
  • Set offline schedules -- Schedule when the internet goes offline
  • Get urgent alerts -- Get flagged activity notifications for your child related to signs of bullying, self-harm, and other concerning content
  • Review weekly email reports -- A high-level email snapshot of your child’s weekly online activity, directly to your inbox
To get setup with Securly Home, you will need to fill out this form to let our Technology Support Specialist know you would like to be added to our platform. You will also need to download the Securly Home app on a mobile device.Securly Home logo