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Complaint Procedure

In case that there are any concerns or complaints, Aurora Charter School encourages that individuals first discuss them with the appropriate teacher or staff member involved.

Often discussing the concern or problem with the appropriate person can usually resolve most conflicts.

If an informal conference fails to resolve the issue, the student may initiate the formal process by filling a written complaint form (you may click on the link for this form or request one at the school office).

Formal Compliant Procedure

1.Request a meeting with the staff member involved. Have a complaint form already completed before this meeting.
*Even after initiating the Formal Complaint Process, the Human Resource (HR) staff will work with individuals to make every attempt to resolve complaint informally.

2.If after this initial meeting, you are still unable to reach a satisfactory resolution. You have must turn in the completed complaint form to Ana Soria, Human Resource Generalist, within two weeks' time of the date on the form.
*In the instance that the complaint is resolved, the individual may withdraw the complaint at any time by notifying Ana Soria, HR Generalist.

3.Once HR has received the complaint form, HR staff will speak with those involved and respond accordingly within 72hrs.