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Academic Plan

About Our Academic Plan

Aurora Charter School (ACS) is a dual language program, although unique to most dual language programs in Minnesota. ACS’s program is unique in that typical dual language programs in Minnesota are programs are composed of native English speakers learning a second language with the goal of bilingualism and biliteracy by the end of the program. ACS serves a population of primarily native or heritage Spanish speakers with the majority of parents being Spanish-speakers as well. The end goal of bilingualism and biliteracy are the same for both types of programs.

Aurora follows the 90/10 immersion model beginning in Kindergarten teaching 90% of the school day in Spanish and 10% in English. The amount of time spent in English instruction increases as students progress through the grades. Please refer to the table below for approximate percentages of content taught in each language at each grade level.

*Kindergarten and first grade students receive 40 minutes of English instruction per day, the remainder of the day is taught in Spanish.


*Second grade students will receive English instruction for 40 minutes per day with an additional period of English that will be flexible in content.


*Third and fourth grade students will receive ESL, English language arts, and social studies in English. Math, science, and Spanish language arts will be taught in Spanish.


*Sixth grade students will receive English language arts and social studies In English and math, science, Spanish language arts in Spanish.


*Seventh and eighth grade students will receive English language arts and science in English, Spanish language arts and math in Spanish, and social studies will alternate language of instruction based on units of study.

Aurora offers physical education, music, technology, and library for all students.