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Aurora Charter School has two classes of each grade level with highly qualified teachers in each classroom. The elementary school begins with our Childcare Program. Students are taught 100% in Spanish. Kindergarten and first grade are taught 90% in Spanish, and second grade is taught 80% in Spanish. All teachers beginning in the Childcare Program to the second grade are native Spanish speakers with the skill and knowledge to teach Spanish curriculum.

Because of the demand that our students become proficient in English, and because students are required to take the state assessments in English, we have changed our program. Whereas the logical progression of language acquisition would be to continue the progression of English at the same pace as in the primary grades, we have had to modify our program to increase the teaching our students English at an accelerated pace. Instead of 70% Spanish and 30% English in the third grade, we now teach 50% Spanish and 50% English. This continues in fourth and fifth grade as well. The English portion of the day is taught by a native English speaker and the Spanish portion is taught by a native Spanish speaker or proficient bilingual teacher.

In grades 6-8,  classes are taught by highly qualified teachers in the areas of Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. To be able to continue to support our students in their first language, we also offer a Spanish class at the middle school, taught by a native Spanish speaker.

Aurora offers physical education, music, and computer literacy classes for all students.

At the elementary school each grade level shares a teaching assistant (grades K-4). Our teaching assistants are native Spanish speaking or bilingual. They are an intricate part of the class team. Their assistance to the students is invaluable.